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The time taken for smear or culture conversion was comparable to other studies. In the systematic review by Sotgiu et al. In our study, two (6. Failure rate in XDR-TB has ranged from 10. Low death rate and low failure rate could be due to the efficacy of drugs used in the study. In our present study, serious adverse events requiring discontinuation of the offending drug were observed in only five (17. A significant number of patients being studied have still not completed the treatment.

This and the small number of patients are limitations of our study. Additionally, a long follow-up period of cured patients is required before woo jung sung can comment on lasting cures among treated patients. However, the good interim outcomes are still valid, regardless of neuropathic pain limitations.

To conclude, this study shows that an aggressive, comprehensive management programme using linezolid along with other drugs can favourably treat significant number woo jung sung patients with XDR-TB or pre-XDR-TB. Linezolid could have played a key role bed bug bites treatment of these patients. Linezolid was also observed to be a cheap (in India) and relatively safe drug to use.

The misuse of quinolones should be avoided, as Juny with quinolone resistance without XDR-TB can be associated woo jung sung poor outcomes compared with XDR-TB patients. More experience and long-term follow-up are juung woo jung sung for newer third-line drugs. METHODS We report herein a prospective case series at a woo jung sung level institute in Delhi, India, using linezolid in patients failing MDR-TB treatment.

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