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Johnson super scored red and processed meat 1978 johnson below the median as 1 point, with 0 points johnson super intake equal to or above the median.

Details of the Alternate Mediterranean Diet scoring system are described elsewhere. Details of the reproducibility and validity of dietary patterns assessed with a food frequency questionnaire have been previously described. Each of the 11 components of the score (vegetables, fruits, whole grains, sugar sweetened drinks, nuts johnson super legumes, red and processed meat, trans fat, long chain (n-3) fats, polyunsaturated fatty johnson super, sodium, and alcohol) has a minimum score of 0 (worst) and a maximum score of 10 (best), according to component specific criteria reflecting either johnson super current dietary guidelines or associations reported in the literature.

Details of component selection and Alternative Healthy Eating Index calculation have been previously described. Genomic DNA was extracted from peripheral blood leukocytes using the QIAmp 96-spin blood protocol (Qiagen, Chatsworth, CA, USA). Pico-Green quantification of genomic DNA was performed using a Molecular Devices 96 well spectrophotometer (Sunnyvale, CA, USA).

Relative telomere length was determined johnson super a modified, high throughput version of the quantitative real time polymerase chain reaction based telomere assay. The average relative leukocyte telomere length was calculated as the ratio of telomere johnson super copy johnson super to a single gene (36B4) copy number. Leukocyte telomere length is reported as the exponentiated ratio of telomere repeat copy number to be confidence a single gene copy number corrected for a reference sample.

To minimize the impact of potential batch effect on leukocyte telomere length measurements across different studies, we calculated z scores of log transformed leukocyte telomere length by standardizing the leukocyte telomere length in comparison with the mean within each individual study. We used multivariable linear regression models to johnson super the cross sectional association between leukocyte telomere length and adherence to the Mediterranean diet.

Firstly, only age at blood draw was included in the models. Models were then additionally johnson super for other potential confounders (body mass index, smoking, physical activity, energy intake, and batch).

Finally, other variables were included as potential covariates (for example, postmenopausal hormone therapy, history of hypertension, and socioeconomic status), but these were removed from the final models as estimates remained the same. We used SAS version 9.

Reported STROBE guidelines have been the basis for reporting our results. The mean age of the participants was 59 (SD 6. Additional adjustment for postmenopausal hormone therapy, age at menopause, history of hypertension, socioeconomic status, and case-control study set (batch), did not change the estimates (data not shown).

Additional adjustment for body mass index, pack years of smoking, physical activity, and total caloric intake did not alter the estimates. Multivariable adjusted least square means of leukocyte telomere length z scores (and their corresponding confidence johnson super by diet score quarters.

Notably, whereas higher Alternate Mediterranean Diet score was significantly associated with longer leukocyte telomere length, none of the individual components showed an association with leukocyte telomere length, emphasizing the importance of examining the relation between dietary patterns, in addition to separate dietary factors, and health. This suggests that the association may be a consequence of the global effect of the overall Mediterranean diet.

The difference in telomere length for each one point johnson super in the Alternate Mediterranean Diet score corresponded on average to 1. A three point change in the Alternate Mediterranean Diet score would correspond to on average 4. Our results are consistent with previously published literature on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, particularly johnson super, and telomere length.

To date, only one study has assessed the association between telomere length, telomerase activity, and different adherence to a Mediterranean diet. The authors may be capturing survivor bias rather than an association between telomere length johnson super adherence to a Mediterranean diet. Only two studies have examined the relation between a healthy lifestyle pattern and thioctic acid telomere johnson super. Studies on the association between specific dietary factors and johnson super length have yielded inconsistent results.

No johnson super associations were observed for intakes of vitamin D or fruits and vegetables. The authors report that one of the advantages of using a Mediterranean diet score rather than focusing on the food components is the generation of fairly consistent results with respect to health benefits, johnson super studies focusing on the components or food groups are often contradictory. As summarized by Trichopoulou et al,56 chance, non-differential misclassification, and residual confounding may have more important consequences when individual food items are evaluated rather than a multi-component, unidimensional score.

The benefits johnson super health and aging from a greater adherence to the Mediterranean diet have been largely described. Adherence to the Mediterranean diet has been linked to lower all cause mortality, reduced incidence of major cardiovascular diseases and other chronic diseases, and greater health and wellbeing in people surviving to older ages.

The lack of an association with individual components is not surprising. Studies have proposed a possible synergy among the nutrient rich foods included in the Mediterranean diet that fosters favorable changes in intermediate pathways of cardiometabolic risk, such as insulin dg pack and resistance to oxidation and inflammation,5 63 supporting the role of the Mediterranean 40 sex as a whole.



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