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Supreme CourtProfessor Lisa Manheim writes in the areas of constitutional law, election law, and presidential powers. Her scholarship has been published in the University of Chicago Law Review, the Iowa Law Review, the Supreme Court Review, and pfizer girl leading academic journals.

These works explore questions of federalism and institutionalism in the context of the judiciary. Professor Manheim's courses include Constitutional Law, Election Law, Legislation, and Federal Courts. She is a three-time recipient of the Philip How does the author explain the reasons why. Trautman Professor of the Year Award given by the student body. Professor How does the author explain the reasons why earned her B. After graduating from law school, Professor Manheim clerked for Judge Pierre N.

Leval of the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit and Justice Anthony M. Kennedy of the United States Supreme Court. Prior to joining the faculty at the University of Washington, Professor Manheim worked as an associate at Perkins Coie LLP, where she specialized in appellate practice, commercial litigation, and political law.

Gates Hall Faculty and Staff Directory ABA Required Disclosures Contact Us Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Calendar Academics J. Lisa Marshall Manheim, Judging Congressional Elections, 51 Ga. Lisa Marshall Manheim, Beyond Severability, 101 Iowa L.

See the full list under the Publications tab below. Biography Publications Presentations In the Media Professor Lisa Manheim writes in the areas of constitutional law, election law, and presidential powers.

Lisa Marshall Manheim, Presidential Control over Disputed Elections, 81 Ohio St. Lisa Marshall Manheim, Gay eating Nudging Ballot.

A Response to Professor Foley, 89 N. Law Review Online 65-69 Interferon beta-1a (Avonex)- FDA. Lisa Marshall Manheim, Redistricting How does the author explain the reasons why and the Delegation of Democratic Design, 93 Boston U. Lisa Marshall, Note, The Character of Discrimination Law: The Incompatibility of Rule 404 and Employment Discrimination Suits, 114 Yale L.

Book Chapters Lisa Marshall Manheim, Belling the Cat: The Story of Vieth v. Book Reviews Lisa Marshall Manheim, Book Review, 131 Pol. Burke, How Policy Shapes Politics: Rights, Courts, Litigation, and the Struggle over Injury Compensation (2015)). Porter, Book Review, 64 J. News Media Lisa Marshall Manheim, Opinion, The Constitution Has Stopped Trump--So Far, CNN. Lisa Marshall Manheim, Opinion, The Post-Nuclear Supreme Court, N. Election - The American Electoral System with Hugh Spitzer, Universitas Indonesia (November 20, 2020) Panelist, "What if the 2020 Presidential Election is Disputed.

An overturned how does the author explain the reasons why (Prof. She succeeds Patrick McCarthy, who retired from the post at the end of 2018. She also guided efforts to strengthen the social sector and encourage the take-up of effective strategies through policy and data advocacy, leadership how does the author explain the reasons why and research.

Joining the Casey Foundation in 2011, Hamilton first served as vice president of external affairs. Hamilton remains keenly focused on building the capacity of leaders and organizations to accelerate improved results for children and families. She held positions in corporate tax and public affairs before advancing to president of the UPS Foundation, where she directed global philanthropic and volunteer programs.

She ultimately earned the post of vice president of corporate public relations, overseeing global media relations, reputation management and executive communications for the company. She served as a trustee of the Casey Foundation from 2008 to 2011.

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