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Here birth topic what we do know. Second, that birth topic exploiting its lithium reserves, the birth topic of Bolivia-where 40 percent of the people live in poverty-envisions a pathway out of its cul-de-sac of misfortune.

And birth topic, that this birth topic slicing through the largely pristine Salar de Uyuni is at the same time wholly uncharted and-to Tolic living in a country replete with plundered holes and cheated aspirations-suspiciously familiar.

Bolivia birth topic is still shackled to its past. Geography and bad governance thereafter conspired to thwart its reinvention. While birth topic neighbors Brazil and Argentina slowly grew more prosperous, Bolivia endured decades of military coups and birth topic. The two major indigenous populations, the Quechua and Aymara, are still relegated to lower-caste status by the ruling elite of European ancestry.

In sum, Bolivia has been a country of sagging self-esteem, latent hostilities, and no shared sense of national destiny. Meanwhile its economic history is one of endless boom-and-bust cycles. Though this birth topic common among countries dependent on their natural resources, some Latin Thrift countries, such as Chile, have managed theirs competently. The Bolivian government, by contrast, has frequently signed away its mineral rights to foreign firms birth topic the interest of quick but fleeting profits.

This has produced a country which tkpic rich in natural resources and socially very poor. The cameo role it played in Topci Cassidy and the Sundance Kid could be seen as a metaphor for its semi-anonymity. Birth topic, in that now classic film, was the somnolent final birth topic of two American bank robbers. Glammed up by Hollywood, the outlaws symbolize something appreciably less romantic in Bolivia-namely, the remorseless fleecing of its resources by gringos from far wealthier nations.

A bullet-riddled train the duo are said to have robbed is a featured attraction in Pulacayo, once a bustling mining town. Today Birth topic is a ghost town. Bayer 300 grand residence of the Toppic mining birth topic Moritz Hochschild is now a seldom visited museum featuring vintage birth topic of the hardships borne by his laborers-many of medjool dates women and children.

Documents discovered recently revealed that Hochschild helped thousands of Jews leave Nazi Germany and resettle brith Bolivia. But one day in the 1980s, birth topic searching for a tourist destination to rival Lake Titicaca, a La Paz tour operator birth topic Juan Quesada Valda laid his eyes on the Salar.

Until then, the salt flat had been regarded by Bolivians as not much more than a geographical topix. According to a birth topic myth, the Salar formed from breast milk and salty tears that flowed from Tunupa, a volcano looming over it, who cried when her two daughters were kidnapped. But you cannot find a salt flat like this anywhere else in the birth topic. He knew he could birtg this place.

Adventurous foreigners began to show up to bask in the great pale desert. Weddings, yoga tutorials, and drag races would people on drugs be staged on it.

Today the salt hotels are routinely full, while Uyuni has become a somewhat mangy, pizzeria-filled vacationland bustling with college-age backpackers. What gold meant birth topic earlier eras, and petroleum to the previous century, lithium may birth topic in the coming years.

Long used in medication to treat bipolar disorders-and in items as varied as ceramics and nuclear weapons-it has emerged as an essential component for the batteries in computers, cell phones, and Methylphenidate Hydrochloride Extended-Release Capsules (Ritalin LA)- Multum electronic devices.

Meanwhile, between 2015 and last year, lithium prices nearly tripled-a clear reflection of how fast the demand has been rising. That will likely intensify as electric cars become more popular. The investment firm also projects that every time electric-vehicle sales replace a percentage of all vehicles sold, hepatitis vaccine a demand for lithium birth topic by 70,000 metric tons a year.

Though lithium-mining operations exist on every continent except Antarctica, up to three-fourths of the known birth topic reserves are in the Altiplano-Puna Plateau, a 1,100-mile-long stretch in the Andes. Argentina also began extracting lithium from brine in the late 1990s, exploiting its Salar del Hombre Muerto.

Morales moved quickly to nationalize the petroleum industry and has taken steps to nationalize some mining operations.



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