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I agree with the terms and conditions of ordering this product. Learn more Ships from and sold by Amazon. Duane Graveline, former astronaut, aerospace medical research scientist, flight surgeon, and family doctor is given Lipitor to lower his cholesterol, he temporarily loses his short-term memory.

Urged a year later to resume the drug at half dose, he lost both short-term and retrograde memory and was finally diagnosed in a hospital ER as having transient global amnesia (TGA). This is the "scary, appealingly written" account of his search for answers that his medical community didn't have -- the how and why of his traumatic experience, and what needs to be done to prevent the devastating side effects to body and mind from the escalating use of the statin drugs.

Read more Read less Previous page Print length Language Publisher Duane Graveline, M. Publication date Dimensions 5. Page 1 of 1 Start overPage 1 of 1 Previous pageThe Dark Side of Statins: Plus: The Wonder of CholesterolDuane Graveline MD4. My HDL and LDL levels are not where they should be, and I will appreciate knowing how I can improve those, but especially after reading this informative, convincing book, I refuse to take statins.

BTW, I had a fellow nurse who took 2 statins for years because she wanted her cholesterol below 100. Guess who ended up having a heart cath and coronary artery bypass graft-and then stents in her grafts- even though she had a cholesterol below 100.

Perhaps it was the smoking that did it. If you have a heart, read this book. And God bless this MD for having the courage to write it.

One person found this helpful Helpful3. My cholesterol levels are great and my good cholesterol is off the dial great. I bought the book on Amazon and his author just paraphrases and quotes his info. I found it minimally helpful and boring. I didn't even finish the book but read enough to know that there is NO WAY I AM TAKING LIPITOR OR ANY STATIN DRUG. I purchased Red Yeast Rice and will take my chances.

So, if you get the book, buy it used for a very inexpensive price. He as with many medical people refuse to consider some things that have helped numerous generations.

I read and mentioned this book. Six months later he was shocked and I used RedRice Yeast for at least. Unfortunately my current cardiac specialist shares the disdain meaning I went onto Lipitor a few years ago.

I am not aware of any improvement in numbers nor have I seen negative reviews on RedYeast Rice. Possibly safer than Lipitor. Graveline give his own experience with severe transglobal amnesia as a result of taking Lipitor, but those of others, and a complete description of what statin drugs do in our body.

Technical but fully undstandable for a layman. He also gave an excellent, comprehensive. I want everyone who is, or who loves someone who is considering taking a statin drug to read this book first and know that they are taking the chance of extreme memory loss as well as muscle damage.

Verified Purchase A doctors experience with a statin drug. Good reading for if you are prescribed a statin by your doctor. Be informed, this is a useless med to take. Graveline does a masterful job in exposing the "statin fraud" on the American public, if not the world. I was using Lipitor for about 5 years and noticed that I couldn't remember lots of things.

I would read an article in a paper, and shortly after reading it, I couldn't remember much of anything what I read.